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Officially a Hokie alumnus :)

Congrats Balloons from my Sisters!

It’s official – I am a proud Virginia Tech graduate!!!  😀  I’m getting ready to go celebrate with friends but I wanted to say a quick “hello” before I head out (apparently I miss blogging too much!).  Tomorrow’s post will include more details and many pictures.  One big detail that I’ll spill tonight – Justin’s parents gave Justin and me a DSLR camera and a HD video camera for graduation presents (thank you!!!).  So, I’m very excited to say that you should look forward to better pictures and better videos on here in the very near future.  Well, that’s it for now.  Thank you to all of my blogging friends for your words of encouragement, support, advice, wisdom, well-wishes, what have you during the past several weeks.  I truly appreciate it and I honestly thought of you all during the graduation ceremony. 🙂