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Happy 2013!

Better late than never! Happy 2013 to all of our blogging friends, near and far. We know that we have been away for far too long, but before my last semester of graduate school starts next week (wahoo!), we will be catching up on both reading and writing. To those of you that are new, welcome! And to our old acquaintances, you have certainly not been forgotten.

Jan 14

And a very happy belated 13th birthday to Miss Evee B., our Christmas Eve baby, and Miss Kylie Anne, who turned 3 just before Christmas!


Wordless Wednesday: Happy 2nd Birthday, Kylie Anne!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my vivacious Aussie baby, Kylie.  May you continue to live life to its very fullest, sweet girl!!

Remember me?

Goodness gracious, I just looked at my blog calendar and boy was that sad … just one measly post this month?  How depressing!  I must say, I am rather disappointed in myself and my lack of blogging as of late.

And now for some excuses …

  1. My dog ate my blog (har, har).
  2. I am unbelievably busy right now — I’m taking an online, accelerated anatomy class to prepare for my MOT grad program (which starts in a little more than a month – eek!), I’m interning with the local school system, and I’m in the middle of moving (the house isn’t as nice, but the yard is unbelievable and I’ll be unveiling a really cool feature of the yard in a post this week).

So anyway, sorry for dropping off of the face of the blogosphere this month!!  Blogging will resume tomorrow with a photo post, Tuesday with our second “Trick Tuesday” post (featuring Bailey), Wednesday with “Wordless Wednesday”, Thursday with a new daily project, and Saturday with our second “Sports Saturday” post.  And maybe there will be something thrown in there on Friday or Sunday, we’ll see!  I’m slowly but surely catching up on your blogs, and please don’t give up on mine.  Poor “Live, Bark, Love” will be getting some much needed TLC this week, I promise!  🙂

P.S. Diesel says, “OH MY GOSH MY MOM FORGOT TO TELL YOU GUYS THAT YESTERDAY WAS MY 2ND BIRTHDAY AND THAT MEANS THAT I AM NOW A BIG BOY!!!”  (Pictures of the birthday boy celebrating coming soon.  Bad, bad mommy!)