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Day 11: … and Sisters.


Day 3: Barn Buddies

Wordless Wednesday: Happy 12th Birthday, Evee!!

Evee’s 12th birthday was on Christmas Eve (hence her name), but of course I forgot to blog about it, and Evee’s been bugging me ever since.  So Happy Birthday, Miss Evee B.!  I can’t believe that you’re 12 years old already … you were the best birthday present in the world (thank you, mom and dad) and you’re really the dog that started it all.  I hope that you are with me for many, many more years, but with each year that you get older, I cherish each and every day that we have together that much more.

Baby Evee at 7.5-weeks-old. What a puffball!!


And a very Happy Birthday to my amazing mom, who just the other day sewed me a dog bed and three dog sweaters (I know, she’s awesome, right?!?).  Love you, mom!  🙂

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2012 from the Live, Bark, Love pack!  We started this blog in 2011 and hope it’s even better in 2012!  🙂  Thanks for stopping by, for liking our posts, for commenting, for following us, for being our blogging buddy.  We wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year!!