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3 Days: Oh happy day!

Kylie sitting still???

Today has been a good day, so good that I have almost forgotten about yesterday’s fight with the beastly grass machine.  The day started off with a phone call to interview for a promising summer position, one that would be the perfect bridge between college and grad school.  Which brings me to this exciting point … School is now officially finished (finally!) – every exam, assignment, extra credit point, whatever has been turned in and accounted for.  The finale of my undergraduate life rests in my professors’ hands at this point, and while that may sound daunting, I will sleep better tonight knowing that it’s all said and done.  So to celebrate all of the above, Justin and I are going out to dinner and margaritas with some close friends and fellow dog lovers (who doesn’t love cold beverages and incessant talk of fur-kids?).  And to top the day off, I finally got a halfway decent picture of Kylie not moving (that girl is always in motion!).  Good day.  🙂

4 Days: Ouch!

Bailey the Cuddle Bug

This morning I decided to start the day by mowing the grass.  I enjoy mowing and it gives me a decent workout which always sets me up for a good day.  But today, low and behold, the lawnmower decided to malfunction every 5 seconds.  Sometime between the 1st and 10th time I had to restart the darn thing, I pulled something in my arm (probably a strained bicep but I can’t tell since my whole arm is numb and in pain).  Thank you, Mr. Craftsman – I am buying a turbo-charged John Deere when I win the lottery.  So anyway, Bailey was doing exactly what I wanted to be doing when I finally made it back into the house after beating the evil grass cutter.  I took this picture with my LG Voyager (the phone that will never die, despite my best efforts).  And on another note, can someone please tell me how in the world my dogs manage to tuck themselves into bed like this???

5 Days: Double the Trouble.

The Merle Monsters

Diesel and Kylie’s motto is “Double the trouble, double the fun”.  The two of them are a little team of merle tornadoes.  They’re bigger, faster, stronger, smarter together (or so they think).  Anyway, lately I have been trying to get them to perform some of their tricks together.  I think synchronized dog tricks are hilariously awesome because instead of one dog to try and work with, you’ve got two.  I made this video a little over a month ago to document our first attempts at double dog tricks.  We’ve since made progress but I haven’t yet recorded it … So until then, this will have to do.  Hope you enjoy it!  🙂

6 Days: Woods and Fields Trail

Happy Evee B.

One of my favorite walking trails is called the “Woods & Fields Trail”.  While the name is clearly so original …, it’s a serene place where you can’t see or hear anything man-made.  It’s part of the Jefferson National Forest and around 15 minutes outside of the town of Blacksburg.  Unfortunately I left my trusty Nikon at home today so these pictures were taken with a Droid X.  And as you can see, Miss Evee enjoys this trail as well.  🙂

The endless fields.