About the Dogs:

  • Evee is an 14-year-old Bichon Frise.  She was born on Christmas Eve (hence her name).  My parents gave me Evee after we lost our first family dog.  Evee is a sweetheart, the dog that I can trust with anyone and anything.  She loves entertaining us with her humorous “Bichon antics”.  Evee loves playing agility and recently started competing.  Despite her age, she keeps up with the younger dogs and loves to run “zoomies”!
  • Bailey is a 5-year-old All-American (possibly a Beagle/Border Collie mix … but whatever he is, he sure is handsome).  We adopted Bailey in 2008 and are forever grateful to his foster parents for rescuing him and allowing us to adopt him.  Bailey is very loving and people-oriented but at the same time,  independent.  He lives to explore and is always on the lookout for squirrels. Bailey loves playing agility (tunnels are his favorite) and is consistent at trials.
  • Diesel Wayne is a 4-year-old Australian Shepherd/Beagle.  He is a striking bi-blue merle with neat markings (he has a heart on his side!).  I adopted him in late 2009 and my life has not been the same since.  Diesel is my heart and soul dog, the dog that is my constant shadow.  He is quite the active boy and plays agility and disc (he lives for his frisbee).  But true to his roots, Diesel’s favorite activity is “watching his sheep”.
  • Kylie Anne is a 4-year-old Australian Shepherd from working lines.  A unique shaded sable merle, she is everything that an Aussie should be and more!  Kylie plays agility and herding – she has shown a lot of potential in the agility world and has already proven herself as a solid herding dog.  She also lives for water and swimming – her nickname is “Miss Aussie-fish”.  Kylie is our best disc dog and loves to get “big air”!
  • Cinco is a 3-year-old Miniature Pinscher.  We rescued him in the fall of 2010 and intended on getting him back to good health and finding him a forever home, but he quickly stole our hearts and the rest is history.  Cinco is your typical Min Pin – he prances around like he owns the place and thinks that he is a 100-lb big dog.  Cinco recently made his agility debut, and boy is he a little speed demon!

The pack (from L-R): Cinco, Evee, Diesel, Kylie, Bailey

About Kas:

  • I am an occupational therapist (OT). He’s an engineer! We’re high school sweethearts.
  • I love training dogs, especially when it comes to trick training.  I use strictly positive-based training methods, particularly positive reinforcement through clicker training.  I believe that the number of new behaviors that you can elicit using these methods is limitless!
  • I love to play dog sports with my pups.  We’ve tried agility, herding, canine disc/disc dog, flyball, and dock-diving.  We currently play and are focusing on agility and canine disc/disc dog.
  • I also do animal rescue work; it brings me much personal joy and satisfaction.  I’ve been volunteering with various rescues since 2005 and have personally fostered and placed 11 puppies, 4 dogs, 7 kittens, and 2 cats over the past few years.
  • I love the great outdoors.  My fiancé and I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, and camping.  The dogs frequently accompany us on our outdoor adventures.

  1. Loved the bios of the furry family members 🙂 You certainly have your hands (and heart) full!

  2. I have enjoyed reading your posts. You have a great group of pups! I look forward to reading more about your adventures in the future. Congrats on being done with undergrad work!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the blog. They are a great group of pups – I don’t know what I would do without them! 🙂

  3. My goodness! You have your hands full! So glad I found the blog…excited to check it out.

    • Thanks for stopping by! We hope you like what you see 🙂

    • I like your training vieods, they’re quite helpful! I am using the jump into arm trick for my science project, where I’m teaching two different dogs the same tricks and recording learning time (a house dog and a farm dog). Kylie is beautiful:) From Tatum and Luca the Aussies and Abby the lab

  4. That drawing is amazing! Did you do that? I would love it if you did some posts on herding. Romeo, our part retriever-Shepard, has a herding instinct. I’d like to bring it out and train him on it.

    • I wish I could say I did, but I made it with the “pencil sketch” feature on Picnik! And I will definitely do some posts on herding. We do herding with both Diesel and Kylie. Diesel is just 1/2 Aussie but he’s all Aussie in terms of herding, so if Romeo is part shepherd, I bet he would love to try it! I’ll post up some information about instinct tests here in the next week or so. 🙂

  5. Hi Kas…thank you for visiting our blog xoxo

    Wow…4 dogs? Hope they won’t bite all the things in your house 😉

  6. Hi, I have a question about your camera. I remember you saying you got one as a graduation present, I think your pictures are great and I was wondering if you could share what kind it is?

    I am finding mine to be fairly inferior and was hoping to upgrade a bit. :-0

    Keep up the great job with the blog!!

    • Jodi — Sorry I am just now replying here, but hopefully you saw my reply on your blog a few months back! I now have a Nikon D3100, which is what I use for the majority of the pictures on here. It’s been a perfect first DSLR and I love it!

      • hi,my name is collette. i watch your videos every day! i am trying to convince my dad to get a great dane. ilove big dogs! you were a huge insporation to me. please email me back. it would mean so much! love, collette

  7. Hello Kas and crew! We really love your blog and have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger Award. You can check it out here: http://deannamelanie.wordpress.com/2011/12/15/merry-awards-season/
    Congrats 🙂
    Deanna, Harley, Scarlett, Chelsea and Roory

  8. Hi there
    Popped over from the Pet Bloggers Hop.
    Best wishes from the UK
    Sara, Tille & Raven

  9. Cheers, I just stopped by to visit your website and thought I’d say thanks for having me.

  10. Love your friends! Have a dog is a great happiness!

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