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Wordless Wedneday: Happy LEAP Day!

Wordless Wednesday: The Snow Princess <3

Monday Mischief: Snow Bunnies!!

We finally had our first real snow of the winter, and boy was it a big one … we got close to 10″ of snow!!  The pups have been having a blast playing in the snow, from snow frisbee, sledding with us, catching snowballs (what great ‘toys’!), eating snow, and just plain old romping and wrestling!  My classes were canceled today so the pups and I have been switching off between playing outside and then cuddling up inside to defrost ourselves – life is good!!

Hope you all are doing well and be sure to check back tomorrow for more photos from our awesomely fun snow days.  🙂

Love my boys!!

P.S. This is the Monday Mischief Blog Hop with Snoopy’s Dog Blog, Alfie’s Blog, My Brown Newfies, and Luna, A Dog’s Life. Be sure to check out other mischievous pets having fun!

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