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Monday Mischief: The Case of the Blue Ink

Gasp!  Well what in tarnation happened over there?

Blue ink on the floor, on the pillow, the chair?

Unbelievable … who would have done such an act?

Certainly not anyone in the Live, Bark, Love pack …

Or maybe it was, but just who could it be?

Can you help us solve this canine mystery?

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Training Tip Thursday: Building a Reliable Recall – Tip #3

Recall your dog once, and only once.

Why?  If you issue the recall (or any command) multiple times, the dog is going to learn that he does not really need to listen to you the first time.

I like to give the following scenario to help explain this recall rule:

  • Mom: “Johnny, dinner is ready.  Come downstairs.”
  • Child: “Ok, mom.  Be down there in a sec.”
  • ……………
  • Mom: “Johnny, dinner is getting cold.  Come down here, NOW.”
  • Child: “Alright, mom!”
  • ……………
  • Child: “Ah ok, mom!!  I’m coming!!”

So what did the child learn?  He can technically ignore his mom’s first two commands, as she did not really mean it until she called him the third time.  This is the same exact situation we often place ourselves in with our dogs — instead of teaching them that they need to respond to the first “come”, we inadvertently condition them to respond to the second, third, or fourth “come”.

And along with issuing the command just once, try to use an even, steady tone of voice each and every time you recall your dog.  Dogs are exceptionally brilliant when it comes to reading our emotions – “Bella, come.” is going to sound much different than, “Bella, COME.” or “BELLA, COME!!!!!

Happy training, everyone!  🙂

And make sure to check out next week’s Training Tip Thursday to see what I do when one of my pups does not respond (!) to the recall command.

Wordless Wednesday: “I iz a doggie model??”

Trick Tuesday: Double Dog Tricks!

I posted this video once before, but it was way back in May, in the very beginnings of this blog, so I thought that I would share it again now that we’ve grown and blossomed!  As I said previously, I think that double dog tricks are just darn awesome … they’re like watching a little dose of organized chaos (at least that’s the case with my pups anyway :)).  I am currently working with Diesel and Kylie on a new, exciting double dog trick that will hopefully be ready to debut by next week’s Trick Tuesday (so keep an eye out!).  In the meantime, sit back and enjoy some double trouble with the merley monsters.

*News Flash* —— This also marks our 100th post!  Wahoo!!!  😀

Thanks for following us and supporting us up to this point, and we hope that you’ll stick around for much more Live, Bark, Love fun!!