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Wordless Wednesday: Happy 2nd Birthday, Kylie Anne!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my vivacious Aussie baby, Kylie.  May you continue to live life to its very fullest, sweet girl!!

Now introducing …

Remember way back in the beginnings of this blog when I introduced Evee’s beau, Cinco?  Well I have a confession to make …

Cinco is ours.  I decided that it was finally time to break the news to you all, mainly because Cinco was peeved that he was being treated like the black sheep of the family when it came to this blog, and gosh darn it, he wanted his cute mug posted every once in a while too (and not just as a background extra, for crying out loud).  I apologize for keeping Cinco under wraps for so long, but in order for me to spill the beans, a) we had to come to the realization that Cinco was no longer just a foster dog, b) my parents had to come to the realization that Cinco was no longer just a foster dog, and c) well, yea … it was mainly just about my parents finding out the truth behind the little man.  Sure I’m an adult (I think), but I still rely on my parents here and there as I am still a poor student.  But anyway, here’s the story behind Cinco!

Cinco at 7-weeks-old.

Evee with Cinco at 8-weeks-old.

In the summer of 2010, I was heavily involved in animal rescue.  I helped rescue an emaciated, pregnant cat and later helped deliver her 6 kittens, fostered 7 puppies, and volunteered at the local animal shelter.  I managed to find wonderful homes for all 7 felines and all but one of the canines … Cinco, a black and tan Miniature Pinscher puppy.  Out of all the animals that I worked with that summer, Cinco came to me in the worst condition.  He had a laceration on his neck, some sort of adhesive material stuck in his ear canals, had the worst case of round worms I had ever seen, and had bald spots and severely dry skin that was attributed to poor nutrition and diet.  But despite the fact that he was in bad shape, from day 1 Cinco was trusting, loving, and bright-eyed.  He was one of those dogs that knew that he was rescued, and boy was he thankful for it.

Cinco instantly bonded with Evee and to this day rarely leaves her side.  A true Min-Pin, Cinco thinks he owns the place — he’s tenacious, proud, outgoing, outspoken, spirited, and fearless.  His athleticism amazes us on a daily basis – he is incredibly fast, turns on a dime, and can jump higher and farther than any little dog I have ever seen.  He easily holds his own with the big dogs, and in agility class, he shows that little dogs can play just as well (if not better!) than the big guys.

Over-jumping just a little bit lol.

He loves the A-frame and has beautiful 2o2o contacts!

What’s the story behind Cinco’s name?  Well, when I first took him in, Cinco was tiny.  At his first vet appointment, he weighed in right around 1.5-pounds!!  A few of my friends jokingly suggested the name “Cinco”, noting that he would be lucky if he ever reached 5 pounds.  The name stuck, and even though Cinco is now full-grown at 12-pounds, his name reminds us of his beginnings.  And as some people have pointed out, Cinco, meaning “five” in Spanish, fits perfectly as he is our 5th dog!

Cinco is also Bailey's little partner in crime.

  • Name: Cinco
  • Nicknames: Cinc, Cee, Cee-no, Oh-nee, Batman, Stinko, Shrinky-Dink
  • Ears: natural – often pricked, but occasionally half-floppy
  • Tail: natural, and always wagging
  • Birthday: June 13, 2010
  • Likes: Evee, jumping, barking, prancing around like he owns the place, burrowing under anything potentially warm, food of any kind, playing agility, anything with a squeaker, riding in the car, chasing leaves and butterflies, looking out the window, acting like a cat
  • Dislikes: sitting still, waiting patiently, wearing sweaters, being quiet
  • Favorite Trick: walking on his hind legs
  • Favorite TV show: Terra Nova (he just loves growling at those dinosaurs)
  • Favorite song: Cupid Shuffle (it’s his jam)

Did I want or need a 5th dog?  Um, no.  But would I go back in time and change my decision of keeping him?  Not ever.

Cute Puppy Hates His Sweater!

P.S. Check back tomorrow for a big Live, Bark, Love announcement!

Lucky Shot

I took this a few weeks ago and found it today while going through some photos.  I love it because I do not recall taking it … it’s one of those shots that just happens.

Have a great weekend, everyone!