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Sports Saturday: Our New Agility Ring!

Remember when I said we were moving way back when?  Well we’ve been at our new place for a few months now and we absolutely love it!  One of our favorite things about living here is our very own agility ring.  Over the past several weeks I’ve been building my own agility equipment, made to NADAC specifications, and it’s finally all finished and set up (special thanks to Justin, my mom and dad, Justin’s mom and dad, and my grandpa for helping me here and there with the various projects).  The pups love having their own agility playground and can see it from my bedroom window, so while I’m training one pup, the others will intently watch and study!  And of course, what better way to wind down and relax after a long day than playing a little backyard agility?  🙂

Practice like you play!!

Kylie loving her new jumps!

Don't hit your eye on those weaves, Dies!

"Go hoop, Evee B!"

Bailey "walking it" on the new A-frame!

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Training Tip Thursday: Building a Reliable Recall – Tip #2

Recall Tip #2: Never call your dog to you for something that he does not want to do, such as clipping nails.

Why?  You want your dog to learn that good things happen when he comes to you.  If at times you call your dog to you in order to do unpleasant things that he does not enjoy doing, he is going to think, “Hmmm … if I go to her this time, am I going to get a yummy piece of cheese or is she going to stick me in the bathtub and give me a dreaded bath?”  If you have to do something that your dog does not want to do, simply go put a leash on him or pick him up (and don’t say anything to him).  The key with building a reliable recall is teaching the dog that coming when called results in good things, that coming when called reaps valuable rewards.  Stay tuned for next week’s tip!  🙂

"Wahoo! Coming when called is fun!"

Trick Tuesday: Puppy Fetch!

I know that fetching is not exactly a trick, per se, but I don’t think that I have shared this video yet and looking back on this, 8-week-old baby Kylie was pretty cute/awesome.  🙂

Is it fall or winter??

Which season is it?  Summer felt long, I don’t recall much of fall, and now I’m feeling winter …