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Wordless Wednesday: Agility Debuts!

Evee B. and the Havanese Cousins

Wooo!  I can’t believe it, but my first semester of OT school is already halfway over.  I am happy to say that midterms went rather well and every day I come to appreciate the field more and more.  The pups are all doing really well and they continue to be my little bundles of stress-relief and comic-relief (especially when I need a study break!).

This past weekend, some family visited and they brought along their two Havanese puppies, Max and Henry.  The Bichon Frise and Havanese, or Bichon Havanese, are very closely related and they both come from the Bichon family of dogs.  Evee enjoyed having her cousins over and I enjoyed watching the three of them display very similar antics!  And of course, even though Max is “blonde” and a boy (as my little cousin reminded me), Evee and Maxie were often mistaken for one another.  🙂

Wordless Wednesday: My Heart Dog

Just a photo …

Of Miss Never Sit Still sitting still. 🙂