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Sports Saturday: The Agility Girls!

So what do you think?  Did the girls beat the boys?  😉

Just a Picture

Sports Saturday: Agility Lesson!

This morning we had our first agility lesson in over 3 months.  Between graduation, interviews for graduate school and grown-up jobs, going on short summer trips, and then moving across town, we were never able to squeeze in an agility lesson!  I am so happy that we were able to have a lesson today, as were the boys (we switch dogs each lesson).  Diesel and Bailey did really well, especially for having been off contact obstacles in 3 months.  I was super pleased with Diesel’s weave pole performance as well as his 2-on-2-off contacts on the see-saw and A-frame.  Here are some pictures from today — I think they show how happy the boys were to be playing agility on a nice Saturday morning.  🙂

Bailey LOVES his tunnels!!

"Diesel, HERE walk-it!!" Right after this jump is an obstacle discrimination with the entrances to the tunnel and A-frame next to each other, making it imperative that your dog follow your lead (and that you give accurate, timely directions!).

A nice peak over the A-frame.

Wordless Wednesday: Bailey James

"Goodbye, old backyard!"