Pool Fun & Big News!

Finally, the promised big news!  Since this announcement has been postponed for far too long, I’ll cut right to the chase.  Drum roll please … I have been accepted to my first choice graduate program!  I am beyond thrilled to say that I am officially a future Occupational Therapist.  This field is without a doubt the perfect match for me — as someone who believes in holistic approaches to medicine and healthcare, enjoys working with people across the lifespan, and hopes to incorporate animal-assisted therapy practices in the future, this field fits me like a glove.  I am so incredibly blessed and honored to be a part of this wonderful field and I hope to make big differences in many people’s lives.


And now for a gazillion photos.  I was going to post more photos from my Tennessee trip but decided that those will have to wait — the dogs had a blast playing in their kiddie pool today so I just had to share.  And sorry again for the long wait … hope the news/photos were at least somewhat worth it!

Bailey likes to "dig" at the water.

Kylie likes to eat it.

Diesel likes to drop his toys into the water.

And then yell at them when they sink to the bottom.

"How do I get it?"

"Oh, ok. Yea I got it under control over here."

Kylie likes to shove her whole face in the water.

"What? What happened?"

"I don't really like water, but I guess this pool is refreshing."

Evee B.

Pretty Miss Aussie-fish

My heart dog.

About Kas

An occupational therapy graduate student, Virginia Tech alumna, positive-reinforcement trainer, and proud mum of 5 crazy canines.

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  1. Congratulations!!! That sounds like a great fit for someone who loves people and clearly works so well with animals. Love the photos.

  2. Evee B looks great 😉 she certainly seems to be smiling during her pool time.

  3. Congratulations on graduate school! That is really wonderful. I can see you being a fantastic OT, even starting your own animal-assisted therapy. There is so much to be said for using dogs in therapy. You’ll be awesome! And I must say, I’m envious your dogs will go in the kiddie pool. My won’t set foot near water. Casey (the beagle mix) won’t even go outside if it’s rainy.

    • Thank you!! I am absolutely ecstatic to start studies and I have big plans for the future. Dogs, in my opinion, are invaluable therapists in their own way!

  4. Fantastic! That’s wonderful news. You’re going to have so much fun in graduate school…as much fun as the pups are having in their kiddie pool 😉 The pictures really show their different styles of play and your captions are hilarious!

  5. Congratulations!!! That is wonderful news and well worth the wait.

    I had always thought Sampson would be a good therapy dog, except he has a tendency to put his big paw up and it hurts. 😦

    Love the pics, should be picking up S & D’s baby pool sometime this week.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! How wonderful your news was, and definitely worth waiting for! (And worth coming online over the weekend for – I couldn’t wait until Monday LOL!) I love how you express your passion for this career – more people like you are needed for such an important and sensitive field. I just know you’ll make very positive changes in many people’s lives. I’m so happy for you – and your future clients!

    LOVE the photos and captions of your pups, they’re always so happy!

    • THANK YOU! 🙂 I am definitely passionate about this field and I’ve known that I was meant to help both people and animals ever since I was a little kid. I can’t wait to start studies! And thank you – they are happy, spoiled pups!!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! WOOHOO!! Your news was so worth the wait – so happy for you, it’s wonderful to hear of people getting to pursue a career in something they love – I’m sure you’re gonna be great at it – Yay!!

    Talking of something they love, those pups really seem to love that pool, me thinks maybe I need to convince Mum to get me one?! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a fun weekend,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  8. Robin Eichert

    This is fabulous news! So exciting and it does sound like such a great fit for you and your interests and skills. It’s wonderful to know so clearly how you can be happy and fulfilled — and you will certainly be terrific helping others. Looking forward to hear as it all develops. How long is the program?

    • Thank you! The field and program really is the perfect match for me. The program is 83-credits with 7 consecutive grading periods (year-round). I can’t wait to start!

  9. Mumsy and Chancy

    Congratulations! I wish you all the very best. Occupational Therapists have a very special place in my heart. I have known very many of them and they were all so special to our family and all the foster and adopted children needing their expertise. I know you will be special to all the people you help also.

    Great pictures…leaving lots of hugs and nose kisses for you all from all us!

    • Thank you very, very much! It’s so nice to hear how OTs have positively impacted you and your family. Thank you again for the nice comment – it made my day!

  10. This was news definitely worth waiting for! I’m so happy for you. 😀

    Your second to the last picture of Kylie is picture-perfect! What a beautiful shot. I never realized what a gorgeous girl she is until now. But don’t worry Evie, Oscar only has eyes for you. 😉

    • Thank you!! I am very excited. And thanks – I never get any good pictures of her. I think she is stunning but she has “unique beauty” that some people do not appreciate. I’m glad that you like that photo! And I’ll tell Evee not to worry … 😛

  11. Congratulations on your big news! How exciting for you!

    The 2 brown dawgs love kiddie pools. They just like to stand and splash all of the water out of it. All of the pictures are great, but I especially love the ones of Miss Evee B in the pool!

    • Thank you!! It is definitely very exciting. I can imagine the brown dawgs playing in kiddie pools — is there any sort of water that they don’t love? And thanks!! Evee wasn’t happy when I first put her in, but then she realized how refreshing it felt!

  12. I don’t know why this post didn’t come through as an email notification, but nevermind…I’ve found it! First of all, congratulations on being accepted on the course. It does sound very interesting, and if that’s what you really want to do, that’s all that matters. So best of luck, I know you’ll do great. How long will the studies last for?
    Secondly, your dogs are not only gorgeous, but they also behave like proper kids, don’t they? It’s nice to see them enjoying the pool in so many different ways.

    • Thank you!! I am very eager to start studies. The program is around 28-months full-time study. And thank you for the kind words on the pups – they do think they are my kids, which they are! 🙂

  13. lifewith4cats

    Wonderful news for you, congrats. Im sure you have many fun advertures to come, as you learn the field.

    Those dogs of your sure are lucky kids. They are having a blast. Its funny that each subsequent picture , the pool is dirtier than the picture before it. They really get into their play dont they?

  14. Congratulations!!! That is so great that you will have the opportunity to do what you love.

  15. Congratulations!!!

    And I loved the pics of your beautiful puppy-kids. You guys are one big, fun family. : )

    • Thank you!! They really are a fun bunch, and I don’t know what I would ever do without them! Life would be so incomplete and boring.

  16. I love your pool…can I have it? 😉

    The poodle looks scared…but still cute. So sorry I still can’t remember your name,cute poodle

    • I don’t know if that water if safe for you, Kame!

      And Evee is actually a Bichon, not a poodle. No big deal, just wanted to point it out. 🙂 She doesn’t care for water, but she will tolerate it for the most part!

  17. Congrats on grad school acceptance! Such a great accomplishment. You are at the beginning of another journey. Keep this pool near by as I am sure there will be times you just want to “chill out” with all of the work on your shoulders. : ) Great photos!

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