8 Days: Gimme my chicken!

"Why yes, I do love my chicken."

Diesel loves his squeaky chicken.  In fact, he has four squeaky chicken toys, known as “new chicken”, “old chicken”, “Christmas chicken”, and “dead chicken” (morbid, I know).  I’m not quite sure if he prefers toys in the images of food or if he just likes the word “chicken”, but he will choose one of his chickens over any other toy.  He even knows his four chicken toys by the above ridiculous names that I gave them – if I say, “Diesel, go get your new chicken,” he’ll pick up that one!  In 99% of the pictures that I take of the dogs playing in the backyard, Diesel is carrying one of his chickens.  He loves his chickens so much that he’ll even fall asleep holding one of them if I forget to pick it up.  Absurd.

What is your dog’s favorite toy(s)?  Does he/she know it by name?

Diesel and his beloved "new chicken".

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An occupational therapy graduate student, Virginia Tech alumna, positive-reinforcement trainer, and proud mum of 5 crazy canines.

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  1. I think I love all my toys equally – sometimes Mum thinks I’m favouring certain toys and then I’ll get a neglected one back out of the basket – you’ve gotta be fair!! This also ensures that Mum protects my toys – Dad had selected some to go to Goodwill the other week, but Mum fought to keep them as I still play with them – phew!! Names? Nah – I pick up whichever one I feel like……tee hee

    • Thanks so true, Snoopy – you can’t neglect some toys while you just play with a select few! Sounds like you are one happy puppy with all of your toys 🙂

  2. Daisy’s favorite toys are her blankets and her Nylabone. But I have to say that her blankets are number one with her – she’s like a little kid when I wash them, looking heartbroken when I put one in the wash. I would never wash them both at the same time – that would devastate her!

  3. Bailey’s favorite toy is his lamby. He brings it with him everywhere and it comes to bed with him every night. Just the other night he came to bed without it. I told him “Bailey go get your Lamby” and he looked at me, picked up his buffalo, ran out the living room and then came back in the bedroom with his Lamby. Apparently buffalos help find lambys lol

    • We say the same kind of thing to Callie, but it’s “Where’s your baby?” Sometimes, she doesn’t want to leave her baby behind even when going for a walk. So, she walks through the neighborhood with her baby (interchangeable name for the stuffed toy about the size of a tennis ball). Callie is a little bigger than your Bailey.

    • Awww that was way too cute of a story 🙂

  4. Cute photo of Diesel and his chicken!

    My oldest, Leah, has one toy that she loves, an orange squeaky ball (at least it used to squeak!). She knows it by name, as in “Leah, go get your ball!,” and it is the ONLY toy she will play with.

    My middle dog, Toby, a Lab – loves ALL toys indiscriminately. He knows three of them by name, “tug” and “ball” and “tire.”

    My newest rescue, Meadow, prefers furry toys, or toys that squeak. She does not have a favorite, or know any by name yet.

    • Diesel also loves his tennis balls and squeaky balls. He was devastated when his Kong squeaker ball finally lost its squeaky voice. Kylie loves her frisbee the most, Bailey loves sticks, and Evee loves her “camel” (which unfortunately is on its last limb due to some naughty puppy *cough, Diesel*). It’s funny how they pick out their favorite toys and stick to them, isn’t it? And labs seem to love anything and everything 🙂

  5. I’ve honestly stopped purchasing Oscar new toys because he only plays with his squeaky turtle. I worry how heartbroken he’d be if his turtle was ripped beyond repair, so I actually have two backup turtles, which really came in handy because one turtle’s stuck on the roof. LOL!

    It looks like this: http://www.amazon.com/Stages-Assorted-Plush-Butterfly-Turtle/dp/B000HHLRLW

    Unfortunately, he doesn’t know his favorite toy by name. He only knows what “cookie” means. 😀

  6. George’s most loved toy ever was his…chicken 🙂 A very funny coincidence, I know. He loved his chicken and played with it constantly, until it died. Well, George kind of killed it with his rough love. Now he’s in love with the latex bunny, Rainbow, that he got for Easter. But we’re still looking for a new chicken to replace the dead one.

    • What a coincidence! You definitely need to find a new chicken but I’m glad that George loves his Easter bunny. 🙂

      Diesel can only have rubber or latex toys … he lovingly shreds and de-fluffs soft toys.

  7. Diesel looks like he is having a ball.

    Storm’s favorite toy hands down, is her black boned shaped kong. Thunder likes to play with a ball that is meant for horses. But he gets a bit wild with that, so he doesn’t get it that often.

    • Diesel always manages to have a ball lol! I should try one of those Kong bone toys – would probably last a little longer than some of the toys we try. And does Thunder get one of those jolly balls? I can just see how much fun he would have with one of those!

  8. lifewith4cats

    Kristens lambie and buffalo story was so cute.

  9. they love all things squeaky, gets my dog high! Half the time, he thinks the squeaky toy is attacking him and he’ll go on a mad chase with the toy

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