16 Days: Bad hair day???

Miss Evee B.

I started grooming Evee myself a few years ago.  At first I did it to save money – Bichons need to be fully groomed every couple of months and at $40+ a pop, it can really add up!  But after a while (mainly after I got the hang of clipping her legs and shaping her face), I really started to enjoy grooming Evee and started trying some different techniques and hair styles.  While I am far, far from a professional groomer, people have asked me where I get Evee groomed “because I need a place to take my dog”.  This makes me feel great and as a result, I groom a few dogs here and there for friends and friends of friends.

I also groom my parents’ Bichon, Callie, whenever I go to my parents’ house and see that Callie is in need of a haircut.  I have not been to my parents’ since January and as a result, poor Callie has apparently been looking like a wooly mammoth.  This morning, I get a text message from “Callie” saying, “Help me!  Mom gave me a haircut with the garden shears.”  My little sister told me that it looks like she has been through a garbage disposal.  I guess curly hair doesn’t hide every little mistake after all … 

Callie Bichon

About Kas

An occupational therapy graduate student, Virginia Tech alumna, positive-reinforcement trainer, and proud mum of 5 crazy canines.

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  1. Wow! Callie is famous! BTW, it is quite the hack job!

  2. “My little sister told me that it looks like she has been through a garbage disposal.” LOL! Poor thing…

    I always wonder how groomers get dogs to stay relatively still while they do their job. How do you get Evee to cooperate while you snip away?

    • Well I give Evee 13 Benadryl to knock her out and then I groom her. JUST KIDDING! 😛 I finagled a grooming table with a grooming arm which holds her fairly still. She is *somewhat* cooperative. Callie on the other hand will sit still all day and doesn’t need anything to hold her in place.

      • Haha – that was exactly the question I was going to ask. It’s hard for me to get Toki to even stay still while I brush her, let alone if I had scissors in my hand. A grooming table sounds like the way to go.

      • I would definitely recommend a grooming table – it makes things much easier and grooming much more efficient!

  3. She looks beautiful to me, I can’t see anything wrong. But then, I’m not a dog grooming expert, since George requires none 🙂

  4. Awe I think she is cute!

  5. LOL! I think she looks adorable anyway. I have to clip Daisy’s hair every 2-3 weeks, especially in summer, so there’s no way I could pay a groomer for that!

    • Evee should be clipped every month, but since it takes me a few hours to fully groom her, I try to prolong the time in between grooms. But grooming can definitely get expensive – I can’t imagine trying to pay for it every 2-3 weeks. Good thing you can groom her!

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