24 Days: Just dive in!

Miss Aussie-Fish!

One thing I admire about Kylie is her spirit – she’s gutsy, fearless, and full of spunk.  Kylie is up for trying anything and everything and she always gives 110% in all that she does.  I took this picture at the river today.  We love canoeing there and we often let the dogs run around and play in the water afterwards.  Kylie’s nickname is the “Aussie-fish” – she acts like she was born to swim!  She’s always ready to dive in to adventure 🙂

About Kas

An occupational therapy graduate student, Virginia Tech alumna, positive-reinforcement trainer, and proud mum of 5 crazy canines.

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  1. Your dogs are so beautiful! I can see how much our Daisy resembles your Bichon. Kylie looks like she really enjoys life!

  2. Geez…I am going to have to keep this pricey phone just so I can get my daily fix of your great photos along with the updates of doggy antics!

  3. I bet Kylie makes as big ‘splash’ anywhere and everywhere she goes! What an outgoing spirit she has indeed 😀

  4. I’ve finally got the chance to check out your blog and I really like it. I also love this picture of Kylie, as well as her name and adventurous spirit. One my my biggest regrets is that George hates water and therefore can’t take him swimming. Even a puddle is too much water for him, so I’m left to admiring other dogs like Kylie having fun whilst making a splash.

    • Thank you – I am so glad that you like the blog and my photos! “Kylie” is actually Australian slang for “boomerang” (which we incorporated into her registered name). And while the exact origin of Aussies might be unclear, we thought that name was clever and cute and it suits her well. Our Bailey (who resembles a yellow lab pretty closely) also hates the water! So we take the dogs that like to swim canoeing (Kylie and Diesel) and leave the land-lovers (Evee and Bailey) behind.

  5. What a great shot — capturing the splash! Looks like a lot of fun!

  6. theres nothing like a good romp through a creek if you are a dog. And a nice day of canoeing if you are a human.

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