My fence is a joke.

My fiancé and I are renting our current house.  The property has a huge yard which although is very nice, unfortunately came unfenced.  Not knowing how long we would be renting the house (and being the poor college students that we are), we decided to fence the yard as cheaply as possible.  The solution?  2 150′ rolls of 48″ poultry netting ($40), 10 5′ metal fence posts ($40), 10 4′ metal fence posts ($30), and 10′ of PVC piping ($3) = $113 to fence in enough backyard to allow the dogs to stretch their legs.  Why the PVC you ask?  To lengthen the 4′ accidentally purchased metal fence posts to 5′ ones (oh how I love being engaged to an engineer … ha!).  And how did we attach the “fencing” to the fence posts?  Zip ties.  Ingenious, I know.  (I guess I’ll add in another $2 to the fencing costs for the zip ties, bringing the total to a cool $115.)  I’m sure our neighbors love looking at our “fence”.  But hey, at least it proves we’re crafty and frugal, right?

An award-winning fence ...

Now the real question is – does the fence “work” (i.e., does it contain my wild animals)?  Kinda.  For the most part, the dogs respect the fencing and stay inside its boundaries.  But sometimes, some of the dogs squeeze under the fence and some of the dogs jump over the fence.  Thankfully their recalls are solid and apparently they love us enough not to want to wander off anywhere (they almost always come back under/over the fence immediately).  I’m not quite sure why they do it since they know this is not an appropriate behavior – the only plausible reason is they must think it’s some kind of sick joke to prove how ridiculous our fence is.  Sigh …

About Kas

An occupational therapy graduate student, Virginia Tech alumna, positive-reinforcement trainer, and proud mum of 5 crazy canines.

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  1. This is similar to the fence we rigged last year for Bailey’s birthday party. Even though we live in a more rural neighborhood, we live on a corner lot so we have a decent sized lot and a yard i the front and in the back/side. It is probably about 1/2way fenced in, so we used a similar method to fence in all the gaps so that we could have all of Bailey’s friends over outside for his birthday.

    The fencing we used wasn’t very visible and of course new so the dogs weren’t used to it. We were taking bets on who would be the first to just try to run through it. Yep, Bailey won that title 😛 He got so excited about one of his friends coming that he just ran through the fence to greet them lol

    • LOL! I can just picture little Bailey doing that. Our “fence” is not very visible either – the dogs definitely had to get used to the boundaries and some of them still run into it at times … Haha. When we have their doggie friends over, someone almost always blasts into the fence. Amazingly, it has stood up to this abuse (and the ever-changing weather of hot/cold/wind/rain/sleet/snow/etc!). Not too shabby for a $115 fence 🙂

  2. Love the fence and the way you described it. Very clever (both the fence and the writing)!

  3. I got so caught up in your sweet blog that I missed my train stop. Enjoy 🙂

  4. Hi Kas, wishing you luck on your new blog. I see your off to a good start. Love that fence! I know what you mean about tailoring your space as a renter. Thats what I had to do when I built my outdoor cat kennel.

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