Puppy Love.

Puppies grow up entirely way too quickly.  One day they’re all wiggly and squiggly, tiny and helpless, adorable yet trying as they keep you up all night with their cries for anything and everything.  Your eyes well up as you drop them off for their first day of doggie daycare and you can’t help but wonder how they’re doing all day.  And then before you know it, they’re keeping up with the big dogs at the park, no longer looking back at you every second for guidance or for the assurance that you’re still standing there.  Where does the time go?

I was looking through baby pictures of Diesel and found some hidden video clips – what a sweet surprise!  Unfortunately some of them were taken with an old cell phone and are therefore not the greatest quality … But I was happy to find them nonetheless.  Here are the clips – isn’t baby Diesel adorable?  🙂

About Kas

An occupational therapy graduate student, Virginia Tech alumna, positive-reinforcement trainer, and proud mum of 5 crazy canines.

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  1. Very cute.. I have some old ones of Luna too one day I will get around to doing something with. they are usually pretty hilarious at that age. One thing I realized is how much I will make a point to video my kids too. Still photos are great but there is something about moving picture that does a better job at capturing certain moments.


    • Thanks, Anna! Unfortunately I wasn’t into videography nearly as much as I am now … I think that those clips are the extent of what I have as far as baby Diesel videos go. I thankfully have some good pictures, although I wish that I had more of those too. And I definitely agree with you about videos – a picture can say a million words but it’s neat to be able to relive the moment with a play-by-play video.

  2. Kas, Diesel was absolutely adorable as a puppy. I love when he pounces at the rope(?) that he was pulling. He has grown into such a handsome boy from such a cute puppy

  3. I can so relate to this! We got our first dog, Casey, when she was only 12 weeks old. I cried the first day I had to leave her at home by herself (I didn’t even do that with my kid – granted she was with a childcare provider). And they do grow up so fast. Now she’s 5 and we jokingly call her the “old lady dog.” You forget how much you miss the puppy qualities until they’re gone.

    Thanks for commenting on my site. As a fellow dog lover and pet owner, I’ll be back to yours soon.

    • It’s unbelievable how quickly they grow up, isn’t it? Our oldest dog, Evee, is 11-years-old and it’s hard to believe that she is getting up there in age. We cherish every single moment with all of them!

      And you’re welcome – I am excited to try some of those recipes and see more posts about your pets! 🙂

  4. What kind of food do you give your dogs? I don’t like the idea of lambs in their food, but I heard it is healthy for them. He has grown into such a lean and handsome looking dog.

    • Thank you, Beth! The 3 younger dogs (Diesel, Kylie, Bailey) are on a grain-free, high-protein diet with multiple-protein sources. Evee (my super senior Bichon) is on a grain-free, limited-ingredient diet with lamb being the sole protein source. Lamb is generally a good choice for dogs with food allergies and protein intolerances. Hope this helps!

      • Do you feed TOTW Kas? If so, Bailey is on the Lamb TOTW as well because of the grain free, single protein source, and his allergies. I also like that the Lamb is lower protein % than the other formulas. He is not the most active (aka lazy) dog in the world (besides when he is playing with his friends and doing agility) so I never felt he needed such a souped up protein % in his food. He has been doing great on it.

      • Kristen – Evee’s actually on California Natural Grain-Free Lamb at the moment. She seems to be doing well on it but I have to special order bags and I’d much rather have something readily available (like TOTW Lamb, which is sold at two local pet stores). I’m glad to hear that Bailey is doing so well on it (and his beautiful coat is definitely proof that it’s a good food) … gives me more reason to give it a try! We’ve fed TOTW in the past and had nothing but good experiences with it. And I definitely agree with you about the protein concentrations – I feel like some grain-free foods have such an excessive amount of protein which, IMO, is totally unnecessary for the average house-pet.

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