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13 Days: Kelly’s Knob Hike

The Tres Amigos

Today we took all 4 dogs hiking on the Appalachian Trial to an outlook called “Kelly’s Knob”.  Located on the border of Giles and Craig counties in Southwest Virginia, about 30 minutes from Virginia Tech, this trial was about 4.4 miles out and back from the car to the lookout.  We had never done this hike before and are glad that we did it before we graduated!  It took us about 3.5-hours roundtrip, although we stopped to take many pictures and stayed at the outlook for a while.  This was a moderately difficult hike (the first mile of this trail is a steep, rocky climb) with a beautiful outlook at the end, known as Kelly’s Knob.  The views from the outlook are beautiful – Virginia Tech can be seen from one angle and the Blue Ridge valleys and mountains from another.  Here are some pictures from our active, fun Saturday!

Kelly's Knob Outlook

Enjoying the outlook.

Evee the Hiking Queen

Justin & Bailey

14 Days: True Blue Love.

Two blue merle beauties.

In light of the Royal Wedding, I thought today’s post should be lovey.  This is Diesel’s girlfriend, Zoey.  She’s a 2-year-old bi-blue merle Aussie/Lab owned by my friend Christine.  Zoey is one of the nicest dogs that I have ever met and one of the few dogs that happily puts up with Diesel’s bratiness when it comes to toys (Diesel will taunt other dogs by placing his toy directly in front of them as if to say, “Sure!  You can take it,” and then screaming in their face when they make a move … brat!).  Diesel loves Zoey and the two of them grew up together.  If you ask Diesel, “Where’s Zoey?”, he’ll blast over to the front door and start crying excitedly.  If you ask me, that’s true blue love 🙂

Zoey at 7-months-old and Diesel at 7-weeks-old

15 Days: The Final Stretch.


I hate final exam time.  There are research papers, projects, other seemingly pointless assignments, and of course, the dreaded exams.  It’s especially hard for me to focus right now, knowing that I’ll most likely never need to know anything that I am studying about.  Just give me my diploma already!  But alas, I have to pass my classes in order to graduate.  And with that being said, I’m in the final stretch.  It’s getting down to the nitty gritty.  Now is the time to buckle down, grab your squeaky chicken (er, class notes), and run to that finish line.

16 Days: Bad hair day???

Miss Evee B.

I started grooming Evee myself a few years ago.  At first I did it to save money – Bichons need to be fully groomed every couple of months and at $40+ a pop, it can really add up!  But after a while (mainly after I got the hang of clipping her legs and shaping her face), I really started to enjoy grooming Evee and started trying some different techniques and hair styles.  While I am far, far from a professional groomer, people have asked me where I get Evee groomed “because I need a place to take my dog”.  This makes me feel great and as a result, I groom a few dogs here and there for friends and friends of friends.

I also groom my parents’ Bichon, Callie, whenever I go to my parents’ house and see that Callie is in need of a haircut.  I have not been to my parents’ since January and as a result, poor Callie has apparently been looking like a wooly mammoth.  This morning, I get a text message from “Callie” saying, “Help me!  Mom gave me a haircut with the garden shears.”  My little sister told me that it looks like she has been through a garbage disposal.  I guess curly hair doesn’t hide every little mistake after all … 

Callie Bichon